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Assalamualaikum. This is Abdullah Al Ruman who is known as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. My hometown is Sylhet, Bangladesh. I completed my graduation in political science. Apart from that, I love to learn different I have been acquiring knowledge in the Digital Marketing field since 2020. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine optimization (SEO) and Ads Campaign are my expertise. Those are the most used strategies in digital marketing. Among them, I would love to say SEO is the thing I spent a huge portion of time on.

Need an SEO expert ?

Nowadays,  if you are planning to start a business, it’s very potential for you to know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? How SEO strategies should be implemented on your site, algorithm of Google and How does Google work ?

Don’t forget to hire a White Hat SEO doer. Because, a wrong move on hiring an SEO expert can collapse your whole website. Hence make sure the deal is with the right hand. Doing Black Hat SEO, your site’s spam score will increase and it will be down gradually. The best SEO expert will always take care of the issue. 

How to recognize the best SEO expert in Bangladesh ?

SEO expert does not mean self promotional posts or videos on social media supporting himself as an SEO expert. It is a matter of fact that whoever understands the search engine “Google” and all the competitor’s websites while working with a specific site. It is highly recommended that you ask a SEO doer for a website audit ! You will know him throughout the whole audit report. How deep he/she can explore the issues of a website will let you know about the SEO doer, if he is expert or not ?

My Checklist for website ranking !

First and foremost, I will have a look on the website with a detailed audit report. Then, the first step is to do smart Keyword research. Because keywords are the main thing that pick your website up as it will be searched by many people. Hence, I will perform it through some of the best paid tools; like SEMrush or Ahrefs etc. Following this, An organic hand-written content will be written. seo-expert-in-sylhet-bangladesh

Secondly, On-page SEO is the key thing to fixing before the content is ready to be published. Moreover, all the Technical SEO issues should be fixed. Last but not the least, Off-page SEO which plays an extraordinary role to bring a website to the first page. It is not that easy as I wrote here in a simple paragraph. Being the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, I would say SEO is a long and sophisticated journey.  

How long does it take to rank on Google ?


Your chosen keyword is the first thing that will decide the battle of google ranking. Hence, Try to choose the High searched and low keyword difficulty (KD) based keywords. This way you are way advanced than others. Make the best content using the keyword as we know content is king.seo-expert-in-bangladesh Also you need to fix and make On-page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-page SEO optimized. Doing all of the above, we , the best seo experts in bangladesh believe that it can be ranked within 3 to 6 months. It relies on the KD. If the KD is below 30, it is possible to show the magic in 3 months. 

 PPC vs SEO ! What is best ?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a form of paid advertising campaign. You have to pay a huge amount of money for PPC. Because every time someone will click on your advertised website, it will cut an amount. This way you will end up with a fainted face.

On the other hand, SEO is an organic and manual procedure. SEO experts make a website search engine optimized for becoming more visible on the google. It is a steady but permanent work. You do not need to pay an SEO expert continuously.  

How to know Black HAT SEO doer ?

While you are hiring an SEO expert, it is very essential to know who is a Black HAT SEO doer. Because, a black hat SEO expert can ruin your nicest website. Keep your eyes on Google Analytics and google search console. If you are not getting enough visitors, the Domain Authority (DA) is increasing rapidly. There is something fishy. Check your site’s spam score. If it is also high the SEO is going the wrong way. Do not hesitate to kick him out. Above all, site health is important for a website owner. 


Why Should You Hire Me ?

I am honored  as I have been called as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh since 2020. I take care of a website like a mother takes care of her baby. why should i hire you !I am a full time White HAT SEO doer. I make the best Plans and strategies for ranking a website. You will get me in touch all the way on this journey. Moreover, I will make a report sheet for all the updates. You can get weekly, quarterly and monthly updates of the website work. Also you will share all the strategies before it is being implemented. 


Client Satisfaction ?

In my digital marketing career, I worked with so many clients. I worked as an SEO expert for some of the best companies. Among them, A Dutch company is remarkable as I worked for a long time. The result was really amazing. Besides, fiverr and upwork are the platforms where I worked with many other clients. I never have to hear any complaint about my work throughout this journey. Hence, come and get an amazing website SEO service from the best seo expert of Bangladesh. 


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