Website SEO

On-page SEO for ranking faster

SEO is a vast sector when it comes to ranking a page in Google’s first page. On-page SEO or On-site SEO is the most important thing to be done in the first move. Being an SEO Expert, everyone talks about it. There are several issues to do while doing On-page SEO. The whole overview will be given throughout the content. 


Introducing On-page SEO :

On-page SEO is the work that needs to be done before publishing a content in a website. Optimizing each and every issue is potential. So many things to keep in mind, SEO Fixer does his work. A well lit light is the result of good components inside it. Same as, a good ranked web page is the outcome of good On-site SEO.

Content and Keyword in On-page SEO :

content-and-keywords“Content is not king, it is the kingdom” – a well known quote. It is pretty clear that the importance of good content. Genuine and well written content is great for SEO. Selecting a Keyword is mandatory. We call it focus keyword. Choosing a focus keyword with lower keyword difficulty is a must for ranking the page. This keyword should be added to the content. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords also can help google to crawl your site faster. So, make sure you are using a variety of keywords targeting the focus keyword

URL, Title and Meta Description :

An unspecified URL is bad for a web page ranking. Permalink or URL plays an important role while you are struggling to rank your page on search engines. Hence, put your keyword in the URL. Besides, Title of a page is the most notable thing when people search something on google. When you write the focus keyword on the URL, it becomes more visible. Below the title, Some lines can be seen on every page. This is called Meta-description. Meta description is also a good ranking factor.  Finally the combination of optimized URL, Title and Meta Description makes a page boom. 

Internal and External Linking :


Internal and external linking is also known as inbound linking and outbound linking. Internal linking is making hyperlinks to your websites another page. This way, a user finds related information where you anchored the link. On the other hand, External linking is referring a user to other domain addresses. It is also a type of backlink that plays a positive role on ranking. Users basically visit the anchored external links to get more related data. Search engines will select one who uses internal and external links wisely. 

Image and Video Optimization :

For better understanding, we use images and videos on a website. Do we optimize them properly ?

Adding image Alt text is very important. Specifically, putting the focus keyword is a smart choice. Moreover, videos need to be well optimized with texts. In On-page SEO, images and videos also matter. Hence, both should be organized.

Last but not the least, from URL to the bottom of a page, take care of the content. Make search engines understand that this is valuable content. Enjoy doing your On-page SEO, it’s fun.