Website SEO

Website SEO is a topic to know if you are an SEO learner or website owner. Search engines have got the most popularity when it comes to knowing any information.  Whatever we need, we search it on search engines like Google or Bing. After that, we get our desired information from the search engine. Website optimization or website seo is smart things to be fixed. There are millions of websites on search engines . Hence, the competition between different websites on the same niche is extreme. 

There are three main sub-categories of website seo that play key roles for website ranking. Let’s know deeper about those three namely On-page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-page SEO. 

On-page for Website SEO :

Firstly, good quality content should be written with targeted keywords. There are some important issues in on-page seo. In fact On-page SEO is the starting thing of website seo. 

The permalink of a specific page needs a keyword included.  After that, Title optimization is the most effective thing. Following this, Meta description is also potential that also must have the focus keyword. Keep your keyword on heading tags. Some sites often forget to add image alt. Tags. that cause rank fall. So, make sure you are adding this. 

Moreover, internal and external linking in a website is a must. Optimizing page speed is not even a task to forget. 

Technical SEO for website SEO :

After publishing a page or post,  indexing it on search engines is a must. Google Search Console  will help in this way. Or plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math help in instant indexing. Moreover, Robots.txt has potential which will allow or disallow search engines to crawl. 

website seo

301/302 redirection is a smart option for solving broken links like 404 error. It will convert traffic from the error pages to a specific page. Schema markup, canonical URL and Google analytics are some other parts of technical seo that push website seo to its peak. 

Off-page for website SEO :

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO contains link building, link insertion and social bookmarking. There are various types of link building strategies available. Among them, guest posting for link building is the most valuable choice. Besides, Web 2.0, Directory submission and Blog commenting are effective. Doing all of those, backlinking makes the website  worthy to search engines and following this it ranks the site gradually. Hence, it can be said, backlinking plays an extraordinary role in off-page SEO. 

Few other steps like well planned social bookmarking also great work to be done. SEO fixer who applies the best strategies while doing all those forms of website seo.